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Okay, If you want me to say it I’ll say it

In response to Ralph Reed: Yes, Bill Clinton signed DOMA to to pander to anti-gay bigots and then ran radio ads in the south in 1996 touting the fact that he had signed it. The same goes for everyone who voted for DOMA. Either bigots or bigot panders every one. And yes, Obama was afraid to come out for gay marriage until last year for fear of the political consequences from anti-gay bigots if he did support marriage equality. Yes, it’s bigotry to deny people rights based on their sexual orientation, sex, race, ethnicity or anything like that. If you advocate for discrimination you are a bigot. You are a bigot, Mr. Reed. And you too Mr. DeMint. If you don’t like being called a bigot, stop being one.


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June 30, 2013 · 10:02 pm

The New York Times, late to the party as always, reveals what everyone in the opera world has known for YEARS!

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June 29, 2013 · 10:04 pm

Shut up and listen!

Within days of listening to the most recent episode of the Godless Bitches podcast, this happened. The “bitches” (I use the term affectionately) were discussing some recent events in which men got all butthurt because women actually expected men to treat their issues and concerns seriously. I guess some men-children hear that as “shut up and listen”. As I was thinking about that I realized that the vast majority of men (I’d guesstimate somewhere around 99.9%) DO need to listen more to what women have to say. Think about it. How well represented are women’s opinions in the media? And no, I don’t count The View. How often are women, half the population, given half the chairs on a roundtable? How often, even then, do they get half the time? I’m not asking for quotas but this is 2013 and if women aren’t 50% of the contributors in media at this point then it was intentional the include more men than women. There are plenty of women in public life and in the media to choose from to fill those seats. Why isn’t it happening?

And then this happened. On the eve of the historic gay marriage decision from SCOTUS, women stood up and demanded to be heard in Austin. It may not have been “the shot heard ’round the world” but it was definitely heard. It’s long past time for women to demand to be heard. So what if some wimpy man-child doesn’t want to hear you. It’s TIME for men to listen to what women have to say. Well past time, actually. Brava, divas. (I used diva in the operatic sense as if they’d just sung the crap out of the Queen of the Night’s arias.) Brave, tutte!

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June 29, 2013 · 6:48 pm

The bigot as victim OR why Paula Deen needs to STFU now

The religious right has played the victim for awhile now on the issue of gay rights, but to see someone well known and presumably media-savvy like Paula Deen play the victim because she got caught using the n-word and telling racist jokes is just bizarre. In Texas I hear this crap all the time, so one can imagine that Deen is surrounded by people equally racist who use that word and tell such jokes.  So I understand that she feels victimized.  People like that usually do. What I don’t understand is why there isn’t someone on her staff to tell her that her “apologies” are just making things worse for her.  Unfortunately a great many Americans live in bubbles in which their most ridiculous or even heinous utterings go unchallenged until they find themselves in a situation like this.  Deen is obviously free to believe and say whatever she wants.  The rest of us are also free to change the channel or buy someone else’s products.  I do think it’s sad that she sees herself as the victim.  Her blubbering appearance on yesterday’s Today Show would have been embarrassing for anyone with any character at all.  Sadly she doesn’t seem to have any of that at all, otherwise she wouldn’t be in this mess.

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Nickeled and Dimed at McDonald’s (by way of Chase Bank)

A McDonald’s work in Pennsylvania has complained about being paid with a high fee Chase debit card instead of by check or direct deposit. I saw a lot of despicable behavior at the Wall Street banks but ripping off minimum wage employees is a new level of bankster depravity.

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Samantha Bee on Gays who Bully Christians

Samantha Bee is the best fake news reporter on television. Her parody of the vapid telejournalist is dead-on. This latest on Christians being bullied by gays is particularly good. Enjoy.

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June 18, 2013 · 4:22 pm

Happy Birthday, Robert Merrill

One of America’s greatest baritones was born on this day in 1917. (Hat tip to Sam Ramey for reminding us.) “Per me giunto” from Verdi’s Don Carlo. Younger people may better know Bob Merrill from singing the National Anthem at Yankees games for years after his retirement from the opera stage.

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June 4, 2013 · 4:01 pm