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No gay friends

It seems this morning Mary Matalin invoked her imaginary gay friends on This Week. All right wingers seem to have gay “friends”.  We’re supposed to take their word for these friendships since no one seems to know of such people.  Matalin has claimed to have gay friends going back at least to the 90s, but that was before she worked tireless on Bush’s 2004 gay-bashing extravaganza of a re-election campaign.  No self-respecting gay person has spoken to her since early 2004.  If they had she’d know of the endless discussions about vodka boycotts and whether or not the US should pull out of the Olympics.  Yes, there were a few memes on gay blogs about Putin’s shirtless pics back in 2007 (you can do your own search).  SEVEN YEARS AGO.  If that’s as often as you talk to someone, the word friend only applies in the most superficial Facebook sense.  And bless her heart no gay friends would have let her go on tv in that outfit.  I call bullshit on Ms Matalin, her botched facelift and her imaginary gay friends.

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