Shut up and listen!

Within days of listening to the most recent episode of the Godless Bitches podcast, this happened. The “bitches” (I use the term affectionately) were discussing some recent events in which men got all butthurt because women actually expected men to treat their issues and concerns seriously. I guess some men-children hear that as “shut up and listen”. As I was thinking about that I realized that the vast majority of men (I’d guesstimate somewhere around 99.9%) DO need to listen more to what women have to say. Think about it. How well represented are women’s opinions in the media? And no, I don’t count The View. How often are women, half the population, given half the chairs on a roundtable? How often, even then, do they get half the time? I’m not asking for quotas but this is 2013 and if women aren’t 50% of the contributors in media at this point then it was intentional the include more men than women. There are plenty of women in public life and in the media to choose from to fill those seats. Why isn’t it happening?

And then this happened. On the eve of the historic gay marriage decision from SCOTUS, women stood up and demanded to be heard in Austin. It may not have been “the shot heard ’round the world” but it was definitely heard. It’s long past time for women to demand to be heard. So what if some wimpy man-child doesn’t want to hear you. It’s TIME for men to listen to what women have to say. Well past time, actually. Brava, divas. (I used diva in the operatic sense as if they’d just sung the crap out of the Queen of the Night’s arias.) Brave, tutte!


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June 29, 2013 · 6:48 pm

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