#$%& people actually said to me, part 1

One of the reasons I wanted to start a blog was to comment and the crazy #$%& people actually say to me either in person or online.  The following is a very good example of the kind of batshit crazy things that people say.  I wonder if they can hear themselves say them or if they are just so invested in their own personal brand of crazy that their cognitive dissonance overrides their common sense.

It was in a discussion about something the new pope had said and naturally the conversation had veered off into the child rape scandal and after many exchanges the person who shall remain nameless wrote the following:

“In the last decade I have probably met hundreds of priests: a few mediocre ones, many good ones, and a few exceptional ones. No criminals. No child rapists. Not a single one. But really a lot of humble and good men at the service of their people. How you get your totally black picture of the Church on the basis of the abuses of about 2-3% of priests, while wholly ignoring the good work of the other 97% – and then claim that your criticism is fair and/or balanced is beyond me. I am absolutely not “fine” wit h the ab uses, they are extremely distressing and horrible. But they are still ***2-3%*** of priests – a much lower ratio than the ratio of abuses committed by single or married men. You don’t see the double standard in your extremely harsh judgment? It is completely out of proportion with the facts. I suppose I can’t blame you for it because this has been pretty much the approach of most of the media.”

Okay let’s think about that.  For this person it’s not that big a deal that ONLY 2-3% of priests are pedophiles.  There are currently about 440,000 priests worldwide.  If 2% (and I can’t verify that statistic) are child rapists, that’s 8,800.  Now let’s assume that the estimate is high and we’ll cut that number in half.  4,400 priests seeking to rape children is a pretty fucking big deal if you ask me!  Look at how easily it was dismissed.  And I’m sorry but this is the attitude I commonly find among practicing Catholics.  “They didn’t all do that.”  As if anyone said that the problem was that ALL priests were pedophiles.  No one says that.  What alarms anyone who doesn’t have their heads up their asses is that there were thousands of priests raping children and that a very large, wealthy and powerful organizations shuttled them around to new parishes with even more potential victims and helped cover up for the crimes and shield them from prosecution.  It’s Jerry Sandusky multiplied thousands of times.  That’s the problem, and to this day I don’t think any cardinal or pope are truly acknowledged the vastness of the problem or the church’s own culpability.  And of course there’s the excuse that the church does a lot of good work.  Yes, it does.  But tell me exactly how many good works it takes to make up for raping one child?  Please supply me with an actual figure so I can do the math.  I’m disgusted not only at this kind of rationalization but that people who make them don’t even have the good sense to be ashamed for defending an organization that was an accomplice before the fact in thousands of cases of rape and statutory rape.


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