Sick to death of “woo”

I have adopted the term “woo” to refer to unproven beliefs.  Things like homeopathy fall into that category.  So last week the wife of an old friend posted something on Facebook (or rather “shared”) on the dangers of Splenda.  What was interesting was the copy in the picture offered rather specific “fact” about the dangers of this artificial sweetener with no sourcing.  Since I have found (anecdotally) that most anything like this in a forwarded email or shared facebook meme is a hoax or at best widly distorted from the original information, I asked for more detail.  I got more woo, encouraging the use of “raw sugar” (which is still sugar and has as many calories).  Not only was their no attempt to provide real evidence (a published study, perhaps).  Everyone was perfectly happy to accept information that fit into their world view and dismiss any skepticism on my part.  For all I know the claims of liver and kidney damage are true, but if they are there should be some evidence to back up such a claim.  Without such evidence I will continue to be skeptical.


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