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Houston Chronicle Editorial Board Admits they are a bunch of Fucking Fucktards

Okay, not quite literally, but they may as well have.  The Houston Chronicle endorsed Ted Cruz for the Senate last fall (after endorsing hometown right wing douchebag David Dewhurst in the primary).  It was obvious from the primary, which in Texas IS the election, after all, that Kay Bailey Hutchison’s retirement mean we were all screwed.  It will come as no surprise to Houstonians that it took the right-wing rag this long to admit it made a mistake.  Cruz is a disaster both for the nation as well as for Texas.  I doubt Dewhurst would have been any better given his performance earlier this year attempting to ignore the rules to push through the bill being filibustered by Wendy Davis, but we can always hope.  Come back, KBH.  Texas needs you.

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