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Why Alec Baldwin is dead to me

The first time Alec Baldwin tweeted the homophobic epithet henceforth to be referred to the f-word I blew it off.  Baldwin is a well-known hot-headed jerk.  Everyone knows that.  Once was bad enough, but it keeps happening.  Claiming you aren’t homophobic but use the f-word as well as cocksucker as insults is like using the n-word but claiming you aren’t racist.  (Michael Richards, I’m looking at you now.)  I’ll say about this what I said about Michael Richards and Mel Gibson.  Those words don’t just fall out of your mouth when you are angry or had one too many drinks unless you use them at other times as well.  I don’t use the n-word.  I have have.  I knew better at an early age.  I was not raised that way, and I grew up in East Texas.  We did not use that word.  I also don’t use it when I’m mad, even at an African American person, not even when I’m drunk and mad.  Never.  Not even once.  So don’t tell me that he’s not at least a little bit homophobic when he keeps using anti-gay slurs to insult people when he’s mad at them.  And then today, to show he’s not a homophobe he touted his friendship with…wait for it…no this wasn’t from The Onion…his hairdresser.  I laughed when I saw it assuming it was  a parody.  It’s not.  One of my best friends is…?  Really?  That’s pathetic.  I realize that racism and anti-gay bigotry aren’t exactly the same thing, but if he had tweeted the n-word he’d have been fired from his job at msnbc.  Hell, he’d have been fired from a job at Fox News for that.  The f-word is less offensive?  No, it’s not.  I don’t have any power to get anyone fired, including people I have to deal with who completely deserve it, but I won’t watch anything with him in it.  It’s too late for an apology.  That might do if it only happened once, but it keeps happening.  There’s a real problem here, and it’s not just the homophobic slurs.  He’s dead to me.

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