Could someone please explain? (part 2)

It’s fascinating to me that in all these discussions of the moral transgressions of celebrities and politicians (almost none of which are any of our business) I can only remember one person discussing them admitting to having done anything similar.  Whoopi Goldberg admitted to having smoked marijuana when discussing the Michael Phelps bong pic faux-scandal a couple of years ago.  Not one of the (almost always male) talking heads has ever admitted that they too flirt with women on the internet, cheat on their spouses, etc.  I find that incredibly hard to believe that our media is populated by such paragons of virtue.  If we are going to discuss these issues, especially with the self-righteous tones used in discussing the Weiner sexting scandale, shouldn’t we the viewers and readers insist on full disclosure?  Or are we so used to the culture of hyper-hypocrisy that we simply assume that they are all overcompensating for their own guilt of doing at least as bad and probably worse?


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