“Clearly, I…

“Clearly, I regret the email was quoted incorrectly and I regret that it’s become a distraction from the story, which still entirely stands. I should have been clearer about the attribution. We updated our story immediately.”

-Jonathan Karl, ABC News Chief White House Correspondent

Jonathan Karl passed his story off as accurate when in fact he made no serious effort to see the emails himself or to verify the accuracy of the information.  That’s not reporting.  It’s stenography.  Perhaps he was an innocent dupe, but incompetence is hardly an excuse for inaccurate reporting.  These so-called journalists like Karl, Judy Miller and the rest of the media dupes, should be fired and shunned from the industry.  Accuracy used to matter in journalism.  Now self-styled reporters simply regurgitate every rumor they here and speculate about what will happen next.  Never mind that they are almost always wrong.  This needs to end.  The truth should matter.  Facts should be verified before they are published or aired.  And most of all, there should be consequences for getting something this wrong.  For too long there haven’t been.  That needs to end, and it needs to end today.


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May 19, 2013 · 7:20 pm

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